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Case study

How Silverhand improved their performance and closed 3x more transactions with CallPage?

Jak Orange generuje ponad 400 dodatkowych połączeń sprzedażowych dziennie?

About Silverhand



Silverhand is a multinational employment agency operating in 7 countries within Europe. In 2014 the company opened an office in Timisoara, Romania. The company specializes in the recruitment of qualified personnel to work in Germany as well as in other Western European countries, with the offer being directed mainly to the technical branch. The field the company operates in is really competitive, but thanks to a professional approach, set of values, sense of responsibility and well-thought, organized, processes Silverhand is recognized as a top agency in their region.


  • Type of business: Recruitment agency
  • Country: Romania
  • Challenge: making contact with the company easier
  • The size of the company: 20 - 30 people

Why did Silverhand decide to implement CallPage?

We're constantly in touch with someone. We contact potential employees via phone, people looking for specialists call us to find staff members. To fulfill our daily tasks we follow a certain process. Calls are a very important part of it.  Sometimes it takes us only 2-3 days to relocate a worker and make him start his job in Germany. CallPage seemed like a good opportunity to improve our processes and make it easier for stakeholders to contact us. 

Silverhand 1

Silverhand 2


source: https://silverhand.ro

It can be used very easily, working with this app give the opportunity to our clients to get in touch with us quickly and access any information about our services. Simple and efficient. It deserves a try!
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Nora Kelemen

HR Team Leader at

The results:

Silverhand implemented a personalized CallPage widget on their website silverhand.ro in November 2017. Since then, management and employees noticed a rise in calls volume and an increase in finalized transactions. What's more, analysis of data and reports from the CallPage dashboard helps to improve business processes at Silverhand and to solve daily problems in the office.


 Key takeaways:


  • 330 - average monthly calls generated by CallPage
  • 2017 - the year of implementation of CallPage on silverhand.ro
  • 45 minutes - time it took to implement CallPage on silverhand.ro
  • 3:46 - average call duration
  • 2 employees - answer the calls generated by CallPage

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