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Jak Orange generuje ponad 400 dodatkowych połączeń sprzedażowych dziennie?

About Orange

Orange screen

Orange is the biggest telecommunications service provider in Poland. This international company belongs to France Télécom, employs over 170 000 people, and has 263 million customers worldwide. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx stock market index. In Poland, Orange has over 15 million customers. Orange offers mobile, landline, Internet, and IPTV services.


  • The size of the company: 100 000 - 200 000 people
  • Branch of business: Telecommunication
  • Country: Poland
  • Challenge: increase the number of leads

Why Orange decided to implement CallPage:

Orange needed a system which would generate more calls from these websites, which promote and sell Neostrada service. CallPage proved to be the best solution. Installation of CallPage on Orange’s websites made it possible to call the potential customers back in 30 seconds. Since these customers ask for a call back themselves, the conversation is always a pleasant one and as such, customers are much more willing to buy a service and sign the contract. In most cases, the whole process takes no more than 10 minutes. Over the phone, customers can order Neostrada or renew their contract. Check, how Orange used CallPage to increase sales and conversion on their website.


Orange website screenshot

source: www.orange.pl

At the beginning we were surprised by CallPage. We often checked whether it could connect us with our customers in 28 seconds. And it really worked! Although our helpline is very big, the implementation of CallPage took only a few days.
Joanna Nachyła Internet Sales Expert
Joanna Nachyła
Internet Sales Expert at Orange Polska

The results:

CallPage has implemented a personalized widget which perfectly matches Orange’s corporate identity. Thanks to the personalization, the widget builds trust among the customers. The algorithm which detects when a visitor wants to leave the website really increases conversion. What is more, with CallPage we can check which subpages generate calls. Thanks to that, we know that we should invest more money in them. The impact of CallPage on marketing ROI is evident.

Key takeaways:

  • 2 minutes - time from installation to the first call from the customer
  • 18 000 leads - average monthly sales calls generated by CallPage
  • 2016 - the year of implementation of CallPage on Orange.pl
  • 3 days - time it took to implement CallPage on Orange.pl
  • 14 employees - answer the calls generated by CallPage

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