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About Kamaz

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Kamaz is the biggest Russian producer of heavy-duty trucks with a production capacity of 71 thousand vehicles a year. The company is recognized as one of the top 20 heavy-duty truck producers worldwideTheir offer includes a broad spectrum of commercial vehicles - ranging from trucks, special-purpose trucks, buses, trailers, but also different kinds of engines or power packs. Dealers and service points of the company are located in several cities throughout Poland, providing professional advice and support for clients during the buying process and after the deal is closed. Kamaz constantly works on expanding the offer. From 2016, the company introduced several models of new generation automobiles (Dump Trucks), transport vehicles, new vehicle sets, chassis, and newest 6x2 Truck Tractor.


  • Branch of business: transportation
  • Region: Poland
  • Challenge: increase of sales calls from the website
  • The size of the company: 50  people (the Polish branch)

Why did Kamaz decide to implement CallPage?

Kamaz offers a vast range of commercial vehicles. A decision to buy such a product is never made instantly. The process of decision making in most cases takes time and is rather complex. Potential customers, before the final decision, need to get in touch with the company's adviser. They expect to be provided with professional support and get answers to all their questions as fast as possible. If the first interaction with the sales representative goes well, the client is more likely to arrange a meeting and visit the dealer. The Polish branch of Kamaz was looking for a solution that would encourage potential customers to contact the company and would allow consultants to quickly answer calls, reducing the average hold time.

Our widget on the webiste of the Polish branch of Kamaz:

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source: kamazpolska.pl

We installed CallPage on our website less than a year ago, and we saw the positive results immediately. One hour after the implementation of the widget the phone rang, we received the first call. Now, every month, dozens of people choose this form of contact - it is a clear signal for us that  it was the decision to invest in CallPage was right. 

IMG_3185 (1)-1.png
Wojciech Traczuk
Commercial Director
at Kamaz Polska

The results:

The widget was installed on web pages presenting different types of trucks. Just after one hour since the installation, the company received the first call via CallPage. Data analysis showed that potential clients are more likely to contact Kamaz using the widget, instead of using the contact form on the company's website. Thanks to the new solution, the average of 49 new leads (contacts) are generated from the website kamazpolska.pl. Each call is an opportunity to arrange a meeting with a customer, increasing the chances to close a transaction. CallPage uses scoring rules that help to analyze customer behavior on the website. When the user spends more time browsing one particular webpage or comes back, the widget pops up and offers a free callback within 28 seconds. This means company connects with those users who are really interested in the offer.

 Key takeaways:


  • 2 employees - answer the calls generated by CallPage
  • 2018 - the year of implementation of CallPage on kamazpolska.pl
  • 82,1 % -  success call rate
  • 3:29 - average call duration
  • 49 leads - average number of successful calls generated by CallPage

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