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Case study

How Cleveland Containers increased their lead generation by 80% thanks to CallPage?

Jak Orange generuje ponad 400 dodatkowych połączeń sprzedażowych dziennie?

About Cleveland Containers



Cleveland Containers sales and hires privately owned shipping containers. The company also delivers their products to customers. Cleveland Containers operates from fourteen different locations across the UK, selling over 240 boxes per month. They have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, making them a trustworthy contractor. Cleveland Containers offers not only standard shipping containers, but also supplies very specific products, such as domestic containers, custom made containers or e.g. refrigerated containers. Thanks to all this the company is one of the largest in the region.


  • Type of business: Shipping containers supplier
  • Country: UK
  • Challenge: increase of sales calls and lead generation
  • The size of the company: 40 - 50 people

Why did Cleveland Containers decide to implement CallPage?

Cleveland Containers’ business offer is quite vast, so usually their customers have many questions, even while comparing different options (e.g. their competitors). After analyzing data from the website, the sales team decided they needed a tool which would enable them to get in touch with  potential customers quickly and to attract their attention at the very beginning of their contact with Cleveland Containers because their traditional contact page didn’t generate enough leads.

 Cleveland Containers screenshot 1

Cleveland Containers screenshot 2

Cleveland Containers screenshot mobile

source: www.clevelandcontainers.co.uk 

We tested a few different communication solutions before the implementation of CallPage. Only CallPage met
all our expectations and had a visible influence on our sales calls records.
Lewis Pennicott Marketing Manager

Lewis Pennicott

Marketing Manager at
Cleveland Containers

The results:

Cleveland Containers decided to place a personalized widget on their website that matched the company’s visual identity. During the first month of using CallPage, salespeople received 365 calls from potential customers. Those customers initiated contact themselves, thus were more willing to talk about the offer and those conversations more often converted into sales.


 Key takeaways:


  • 349 - average monthly calls generated by CallPage
  • 2018 - the year of implementation of CallPage on clevelandcontainers.co.uk
  • 30 minutes - time it took to implement CallPage on clevelandcontainers.co.uk
  • 3:39 - average call duration
  • 6 employees - answer the calls generated by CallPage

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