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Case study

How bySTORED increased phone interactions with customers by over 80%?

Jak Orange generuje ponad 400 dodatkowych połączeń sprzedażowych dziennie?

About bySTORED

bySTORED is a full service door to door London storage solution. They are disrupting the sector by proving a truly customer first solution for storage. They take all of the stress out of storage by doing everything for you.

  • Branch of business: Information Technology and Services
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Challenge: to make calling as easy and stress free as possible

Why bySTORED decided to implement CallPage:

Our data has shown us that customers really prefer to speak to one of our storage consultants on the phone above any other means. We therefore wanted to make calling us as easy and stress free as possible.

bySTORED screen shot 1

bySTORED screen shot 2

source: bystored.com

We wanted to make calling us as easy and stress free as possible for our customers. And we did it - with CallPage!

Chris Ellsmore

Head of Digital at

The results:

Since using CallPage we've seen our phone interactions with customers increase by over 80%.

Key takeaways:

  • 198 calls - average number of calls per month
  • 82.1% - success call rate 
  • 2018 - the year of implementation of CallPage on Orange.pl
  • 45 minutes - time it took to implement CallPage on Orange.pl
  • 1 employee - answers the calls generated by CallPage

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