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About Australian Marketing Agency

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Australian Marketing Agency specializes in digital marketing, operating in four different locations, with three offices in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and one in Auckland, New Zealand. The company does not merely offer their clients marketing services. What they do is help businesses to tell brand’s story, they also care about engaging audiences and therefore driving outstanding results. The company focuses on qualitative values, keeping in mind that user experience is the core value for any successful marketing activity. At Australian Marketing Agency as much as they care about the message, they also do care about numbers, using data as a base for any project they run. Their recipe for success? A perfectly designed campaign backed by credible data and research.


  • Branch of business: Marketing agency
  • Country: Australia
  • Challenge:  increase in conversion rate on the website
  • The size of the company: 10 - 15 people

Why did Australian Marketing Agency decide to implement CallPage?

We know quite a lot about building websites that convert, about lead and sales generation. This is a part our everyday work - designing client’s websites, helping them to create their “place” on the Internet that brings results in marketing and sales. Our current webpage converts pretty well, so when we heard about CallPage, a smart callback solution, we were curious and a bit doubtful at the same time. Luckily, we decided to give it a try! I if there is a tool that allegedly can help us get even more from our website, then why not?  

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source: https://www.ausmarketing.com.au/ 

CallPage was, in general, a nice surprise! We didn't fully believe this tool is able to improve our conversion rate, but it did and it sill does! If you think you can't increase your lead generation, try the CallPage widget! 
John S AusMarketing

John Singh

Head of Marketing at Australian Marketing Agency

The results:

Just a few days after we had implemented CallPage, our data specialist noticed a significant rise in lead generation and conversion rate from our website. We were pretty shocked because we thought about the CallPage widget more as an experiment, we didn't have high expectations. So, it came as a surprise how efficient this software really is and how good results in terms of lead generation it delivers! Conclusion: even having a well-designed website there's always something more you can do to improve marketing and sales results.

 Key takeaways:

  • 2018 - the year of implementation of CallPage on ausmarketing.com.au
  • 25 minutes - time it took to implement CallPage on ausmarketing.com.au
  • 70% - success call rate
  • 7:50 - average call duration
  • 1 employee - answers the calls generated by CallPage

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