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You Are Losing Customers Because of These 5 things

You Are Losing Customers Because of These 5 things

Sergey Butko
Sergey Butko
February 17, 2016

Every day we visit web stores and websites which offer us different products and services. We analyzed our positive and negative experiences in the use of the commercial websites and made a list of 5 things that not only reduce the number of page views, but also disturb visitors while browsing the site.


1. No mobile version of the site and offline contact number.


Currently, more often people look for something in Google while using smartphones. Certainly, not once you met a situation when choosing the first result in Google you are going through a site that looks terrible on a small phone screen. The page looks unreadable, and the parts are scattered around the screen. Let’s say that you decide not to leave the page and start looking for contact. You are clicking on the phone number but that turns out to be inactive. Well, you have to have nerves of steel to withstand it.


2. Online chat where nobody answers.


A few years ago when online chats emerged on the Internet, they were designed to improve communication with potential clients. Thus, the use of such widgets should help in attracting customers and improve sales.


Currently, online chats are available in almost every online store. However, some managers respond even after half an hour or more. Clients do not sit in front of a computer all the time, so as a result chat, rather than improve the use of the site, brings quite the opposite effect.


3. Too long surveys and contact forms.


Some Internet surveys and contact forms are excessively long and require giving too much unnecessary information about users. Of course, we understand that from a business perspective the more data you get about the customer, the better, but shouldn't you be careful and not overdo it? Some information you can get through the  phone which makes contact easier and faster.


4. Late contact or no contact at all.


Once you managed to complete the complicated questionnaire, providing all personal data (including the name of your first dog), you have to wait for a response from the service. This may take several hours or several days. We've encountered a situation where after completing the form on the real estate agency's website we had to wait two days for a reply.


5. The IVR system incoming calls on your page.


Most experienced Internet users know that in order to quickly obtain information, it is better to call than fill in the contact form. But, here we come across the so-called. IVR system, which says "If you want to connect to the sales department, press 1 ..." and so on. The automation of today’s world is obvious, however, setting answering incoming calls is tantamount to the loss of potential customers.




Many companies spend millions on advertising on the Internet trying to attract traffic to the site, while they lose customers because of the lack of facilities on their sites. Try to improve your website. As a result, you will earn a lot of money and meet the expectations of your customers.


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