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Why do You Need Cold Mailing in 2019?

Autor: Yulia Pysko | Opuplikowano: 24.07.2018 | Czas czytania: 6m

If you are thinking why you are receiving hundreds of emails full of cooperation offers, and you don’t understand why companies have decided to spam – this article is for you. Why? Because you have probably lost tens of valuable offers that could have helped develop your business.

As an experienced Business Research Specialist at CallPage, I do cold mailing every single day, and I enjoy it. It is not a trick or joke, I love my job. And if at the beginning it was boring and time-consuming. Now it is my profession by choice.

That’s why I want to take you on a road trip and try to show why cold mailing is a fascinating adventure.  Together we will get to the point describing the importance of an email for you as an addressee and as an addresser. Do you mind me driving?

We will start our adventure with some basic information about cold mailing. I want to make sure you understand what it is and how it works.

What is “a cold mail”?

As I have mentioned before, a cold email is a business offer sent electronically to a potential customer. It is a way to make a connection with a person you have never contacted before.

How does cold mailing work?

Imagine you are a car dealer and you see your perfect customer every day. His name is John XXX. Every day on the way back home John stops by your salon and admires one particular car. But for some unknown reason your potential client is afraid of going inside. After a little research, you find out that he had a bad experience with purchasing a car in the past. John does not trust consultants. And here you go!

  1. Create a personalized message for John (= make a connection).
  2. Find contact details(email, SMS, social media, etc.) and send it to him.
  3. Then back up your first try with follow-ups (= emails following the first message to boost the fact of acquaintance).
  4. Wait!

After your third message, John feels more comfortable with talking to you. He does not have to trust you already, but now you have a common topic for a conversation. Next time on the way home it will be easier for John to start asking questions about your product.

Cold mailing is not about selling a product. It’s about feelings! Make your client laugh or cry, make him motivated/curious/inspired. Make him FEEL CONNECTED to your product!

Are you ready to go on? Get comfortable and put your seatbelt on! Our trip “I am an addressee of a cold mail!” will consist of 5 stops and each of them will present a certain aspect of cold mailing. Let’s begin!

Stop #1: Cold Mail = Business Offer

This is a moment when you start reading and investigating the product presented in a mail. Each cold email is intended to bring up benefits for you. Sometimes sales reps can see the way to implement their product more clearly than you. Give it a shot. What if he actually has a great idea? Moreover, you can always request a free trial.

Stop #2: Cold Mail = Increased Sales

It is one of the most effective ways to get new leads. For example, CallPage offers a 28-second callback widget, that actually makes the workflow of your consultants more productive. And what is more important, it brings your potential clients directly to you. Remember, more leads = more sales.

Stop #3: Cold Mail = New Business Contacts

Email is a way to connect with an entrepreneur who shares the same values. Even if the product is not needed right now, leave the spot for the future. The world is changing, and the best way to survive among the sharks is cooperation. Buying the presented service is not the only form of replying to the mail. Be creative and keep the door open for new ideas!

Stop #4: Cold Mail = Greatest Opportunity

It is your chance to gain tremendous success. It doesn’t matter whether you are an investor looking where to put your money or a start-up looking for financial support. Nowadays text means a lot: we prefer texting to phone calls. According to OpenMarket, a company focused on enterprise mobile engagement, 75% of millennials consider texting more convenient, and 63% say that calls are more disruptive.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow ourselves to ignore these numbers, as we are getting more rooted in the market of young people. And what about you – will you choose hundreds of phone calls per day from people you have never met or emails that can be checked whenever you have time for it? As for me, I prefer to be in charge of my daily schedule.

Last but not least…

Stop #5: Cold Mail = Business Compliment

Consider cold mailing as an act of admiration for what you do. In the modern business world, in the market full of competitors you have been found and distinguished. For example, here at CallPage.io, we don’t send business offers to every company, we look for the best out the best, we have a list of features the company has to fulfill before we actually decide to make contact.

I hope, I have not confused you more. I want your mind to be clear as time is ripe for my favorite part.

Now I would like you to take your place in the driver’s seat. Relax, I will navigate you.

Let’s look at cold mailing as an addresser. To my mind, if you do not like cold mailing than it might mean that you do not use it. And this is a problem that should be solved as soon as possible.

Have I mentioned the role text plays nowadays? Yeah, I have (check stop #4).

Do you know why it is essential for your company to master cold mailing skills? As an owner of a business, you are supposed to name at least one niche where you can use writing as the main gear of pushing your product or service further. I will help you by giving a tip – business deve… RIGHT! Business development.

Let’s say that this is our first gas station called “Business Development.” If you want to make the world know about your product, you should reach to them. Entrepreneurs, investors, and partners tend to be busy with promoting their ideas.

So, you are the one who has to reach out to them in order to get their attention. For example, if we (CallPage.io) want to get a partner in New Zealand, we don’t wait for entrepreneurs from there to find out about us (it could take long years!). Our CEO, Ross Knap, sends a mail to a potential partner and builds a connection. Remember, you are in charge of the future!

The second gas station is recruiting. To make your product rock the market – hire professionals who rock the industry.

Have you ever got a message on LinkedIn offering a job?

This is another way to use cold mailing skills. You can make contact with a prospective employee. Candidates do not necessarily have to look for a job at this moment, but they will consider the offer. And when they actually will want to change their job, they will remind themselves of your mail and check in with you. Be creative and patient!

And third station – networking. This one is special because it inspires you. Do you remember I was talking about “cooperation”, “leave the spot for the future”? Here we go! There is always a professional who is doing or knows something better than us, and cold mailing can help us gain this knowledge from the first source. Everything you have to do is ask. Invite a like-minded individual for a business lunch or offer to be a guest in a webinar. Successful people love sharing.

I hope the trip was exciting and you are encouraged to try cold mailing. Catch some tips:

  1. Check the difference between SPAM and Cold Mail. (Believe me, you will need it!)
  2. Readthe  GDPR. Twice at least. A lot of your addressees will question your professionalism.
  3. Create an email in accordance with the GDPR. Nobody wants to get fined, right?

P.S. The GDPR does not forbid cold mailing but regulates it.

Yulia Pysko
Autor: Yulia Pysko

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