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How to get people to buy your product?

What makes people buy the product?  

How many products designed by big brands have flopped because they were not the right fit for the market? Product teams and marketers repeatedly ask themselves one question: “What makes people buy the product?”  

Author:  Margo Ovsiienko   •   August 2, 2018
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Everything you should know about where to get sales leads

The main goal of marketing activities, especially in B2B, should be acquiring new sales leads. It turns out that the process is not as simple as it would seem from the beginning. According to the State of Inbound 2016 study conducted by Hubspot, it has always been a challenging task for marketers to acquire qualified sales leads and generate traffic.

Author:  Nataliya Lysyk   •   June 27, 2018
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How we acquired 3600 foreign clients and 177,000$ in a week. CallPage Case Study.

How to enter your product to the foreign market? We want to share a case study with you, in which is described how we managed to acquire 3,600 foreign clients and earn 177,000$ in one week.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   May 10, 2018
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Report Garden | Top SEO tools to analyze your website in 2018

Top SEO tools to analyze your website in 2018

You either want a website that’s popular, or you don’t want one at all!
Think- what’s the benefit of a webpage that lies on the fifth page of Google results, never to see the light of the first page? Negligible! The traffic share degrades from 32.5% on page 1 to 6.1% on page 5, says a Chitika Ad Network study. And, is there any point of a website with good design and relevant content, if no one is ever going to find it in the flood of search results?

Author:  Abhishek Mohanty   •   January 11, 2018
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Personal branding for sales people - how to do it right?

- What unites all people-brands - for example: Salvador Dali, Lady Gaga, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs?

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   September 28, 2017
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