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How to Use an Omnichannel Approach to Your Prospecting

It’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to sales prospecting.

Admit it: You probably have a strategy or two that work well for you – and you stick with those strategies because they get you results.

But if you’re relying on just a few of the myriad tactics out there instead of branching out, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’re missing prospects. That’s because buyer journeys have become more complex than ever before.

Prospects don’t just call up salespeople and buy. They take an omnichannel approach to finding products and getting the information they need to make decisions. In fact, Accenture’s On the Verge report found that:

Author:  Sujan Patel   •   April 18, 2019
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Categories: Lead Management

[CMO Guide] How to Fix Lead Management and Generate 50% More Clients?

[CMO Guide] How to fix lead management and generate 50% more clients?

 The main priority of B2B marketers in 2018 is not generating leads per se. 69% of marketers say their main priority is converting leads into customers. Generating leads with a content funnel is not hard using just a few lead gen tools. But driving high quality leads that are just about to become customers always stays a challenge.

Author:  Margo Ovsiienko   •   September 24, 2018
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Everything You Should Know About Where to Get Sales Leads

The main goal of marketing activities, especially in B2B, should be acquiring new sales leads. It turns out that the process is not as simple as it would seem from the beginning. According to the State of Inbound 2016 study conducted by Hubspot, it has always been a challenging task for marketers to acquire qualified sales leads and generate traffic.

Author:  Nataliya Lysyk   •   June 27, 2018
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Categories: Lead Management

Houston, We Have... Leads! What to do With Them?

In the perfect world, your leads will drive down the sales funnel themselves. They will be excited to buy and will come back to you whenever the need arises. Easy, right? It’s not. And it never has been.

Author:  Tim Secnik   •   August 21, 2017
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