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10 Questions Each Head of Marketing should ask Head of Sales about the lead source

Sales and marketing departments are two key players that need to be on the same team to ensure the company’s success. It is crucial to make sure they cooperate smoothly, and there are no lost chances related to the lead source and lead generation. To do so, each Head of Marketing needs to know the most about the lead source. This article indicates what to focus on.

Author:  Paulina Golab   •   November 27, 2018
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Categories: Inside Sales Calls

12 ways to monitor the efficiency of sales calls

Every leader of a sales department needs to measure the efficiency of sales calls made by their team. There is no fixed recipe for this, however, many basic metrics can match your company’s goals. In this text, we present 12 ways to monitor the efficiency of sales calls. By knowing your targets, you can choose those best suited to your business process.

Author:  Paulina Golab   •   November 15, 2018
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