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Introducing new CallPage products - Numbers and IVR

Introducing new CallPage products - Numbers and IVR

Paulina Golab
Paulina Golab
May 27, 2019

Here’s an update we’re super proud to share.

We have now added two new things to the list of our ever-expanding features - Numbers and IVR.

This is another step towards enabling our clients to build a professional end-to-end telephone system within their businesses from scratch.


Numbers allow our clients to choose a virtual phone number of their choice and start receiving calls instantly.

CallPage Numbers and advanced analytics.


Along with CallPage number, our clients now have access to the advanced analytics tool that allows them to evaluate statistics of individual numbers effectively, appraise the work of consultants by listening to the recording of sales calls and tracking relevant metrics (for example, the number of missed calls)


The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology allows a computer system to interact with users through the use of voice.


In the case of telecommunication services, the caller may communicate with the system via a telephone keypad or voice messages recognized by the software.


This solution allows you to operate smoothly even with a large line occupancy. Thanks to the automatic service of users waiting for a call, they decrease consultants’ workload by connecting users directly with the appropriate department.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at CallPage.

Having IVR in the CallPage arsenal means our clients now have the option of configuring the voice menu.


CallPage customers can build paths for callers to choose from.


Connections will be either directed to a single consultant or a group of consultants created by the client.


This feature allows you to handle leads faster and more efficiently.

How to start using the new product - step by step:


To start using CallPage Numbers, you have to click the “Numbers” tab in the dashboard and follow:


1. Click “Add a number.”




2. A window where you can add the Number pops up.




You can add the name of your Number; in the example, we typed “Individual number.”

If you name the Number, it will be easier to find it on the list when you will use more Numbers. We chose Australia*. Next, from the drop-down menu, we pick the Number and click “Save.”




Setting up your Team.


3. Now you need to set up the team that will be responsible for answering calls. Go to the "Team" tab, where, for now, Anna, who created the account, is available:



4. Click 'Add a consultant'. Enter data and save:


5. Then, for security reasons, you need to verify the phone number you provided:


Choose the option "Send SMS" or "Call me" and in the next step, you will receive the verification code, which will be delivered via text or a voice message.



6. Repeat this step for all consultants you want to add.



Assigning consultants to the number. 


7. When you finish adding consultants, you must assign each one to the Number or Numbers. To do that, click "Assign numbers" to the consultant.



Then, click the ‘plus button’ next to the numbers and select your individual number from the list.

You can also choose the consultant's working hours by clicking "set schedule."


Working hours by default are set from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday.


8. Repeat the steps for each consultant and numbers.


After this operation the list should look like this:




Adding departments.


9. In addition, you can also set departments. For example, you want John, Mary, and Monica to be together in Support. To do that, select the "Groups" sub-tab.




Click "Add a group."




Name the group and choose consultants that should be assigned to the department.


IVR voice menu.


In this step, you can set the IVR voice menu with your Number.

10. Go to the "Numbers" tab:



Choose the option "Edit number" (sprocket icon).

In ‘general settings,’ turn on the IVR voice menu.




11. Set the path, which:

  1.  after pressing 1, the call is directed to the Sales Director,
  2.  after pressing 2, the call is directed to the Technical Director,
  3.  after pressing 3, the call is directed to Support.

It may also happen that the client does not choose any of the digits given above; for this purpose, choose where to direct the connection by default. For example, Support.

Click "Save." You can preview the IVR graph by clicking "View IVR diagram":




12. Now you need to set the IVR recording.

IMPORTANT! Without the recording, the IVR feature will not work properly.

To do this, go to the Voice messages tab and select the IVR recording in the last line:


nagranie IVR


Click on the microphone icon on the right:




13. Upload a file (.mp3 or .wav format) with your recording. For example, "Welcome to CallPage, press 1 to connect to the sales department, 2 to connect to the technical department, and 3 to contact the support department."




Then save. The list of recordings should look as follows when the IVR recording is enabled.



And you’re done, you’ve just set your first Number and the IVR voice menu.


Now the only thing to do is to wait for your leads to call you and start closing those sweet hot deals!


*To get the US Number, you have to get in touch with your sales rep to undergo verification process.

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