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New CallPage Features: Call Scheduling and Call Queuing are Live and Ready to Skyrocket Your Sales

New CallPage Features: Call Scheduling and Call Queuing are Live and Ready to Skyrocket Your Sales

Paulina Golab
Paulina Golab
July 30, 2019

New CallPage features are live and ready to generate more leads for you. We have added Call Queuing and Call Scheduling to our list of ever-expanding features. 

How do Call Scheduling and Call Queuing work?


Call Queuing:

  1. The users, your potential customers, visits the website where you have CallPage Numbers active.
  2. They want to find out more about the product they are looking for, calls the given Individual Number. But at that moment, all consultants are busy.
  3. They hear a "Stay on the line to get connected" message.
  4. They wait in the queue until an available consultant can handle the call.

Call Scheduling, connection without a queue:

  1. The feature  Call Scheduling is the extension of Call Queuing.
  2. While waiting for an available consultant, the potential client receives an additional message: "Press 0 to order the call when the consultant will be available."
  3. When the consultant finishes the previous conversation and is ready to handle the next call, the CallPage system will automatically initiate a callback to the customer who ordered the call.

"Your client does not have to wait on hold - CallPage will initiate callback immediately when the consultant ends the ongoing conversation. So, you can make more calls, and you will not lose any potential customers" - Grzegorz Wenc, Product Manager at CallPage.


What are the benefits of Call Scheduling and Call Queuing?


  • More incoming calls - your potential clients don't hear the busy tone and are willing to wait for the connection,

  • Faster service - everything happens automatically within the CallPage application,

  • Shorter waiting time - customer can order a call and schedule it for later if they don't want to wait in the queue,

  • Customized voice message while waiting - you can set different types of recordings for clients who are waiting in the queue, e.g., music or ads,

  • Personalized IVR - if you connect Call Queuing with IVR, you can direct the call to the right people or departments.



Call Scheduling and Call Queuing enable faster and more efficient customer service.

How to configure the functions step by step:


1. Go to the "Numbers" tab:

Call scheduling image 1

2. Choose the "Edit number" option (sprocket icon):

Call scheduling image 2

3. Then select General settings → Call Queuing from the tabs at the top:


4. Turn on Call Queuing and save:


5. You can  also enable Call Scheduling:


6. You can add personalized recordings, tailored to the needs of your business, or use the available recordings. To add new recordings, go to the Playbacks tab:


7. The last 4 recordings relate to the queuing (Call queuing message, On hold message) and connections without a queue (Call scheduling message, Callback message):


Call queuing message - used when all consultants are busy "Sorry, all our consultants are temporarily busy. Please wait for the connection. "


On hold message - used while waiting for the connection.  After the "on hold"  information the music is played.

Call scheduling message - played back after the message about Call queuing, allows customers to choose the option of scheduling the call "Press 0 to schedule a call for later."


Confirmation of scheduled callback - played when the customer selects the Callback option "Thank you for ordering the call. Our consultant will contact you as soon as possible."


8. You can check and listen to all the available recordings:



9. To upload your recording, select the microphone icon next to the recording you want to change:




10. Add a recording:

Call scheduling image 10

11. After selecting the recording, save:


Call scheduling image 11


That's it. You just finished the configuration of our brand new features: Call Queuing and Call Scheduling!

You will notice the positive reactions of your customers after just a few conversations with them.

Do you want to learn how to add an Individual Number and set up the IVR voice menu in the CallPage dashboard? Read this article on our blog.

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