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Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

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Last Month Our Churn Rate Was 2% - Interview with Gustavo Lucas, CallPage Country Manager from Brazil

Autor: Paulina Golab | Opuplikowano: 14.06.2019 | Czas czytania: 7m

The CallPage Partner Program gives you a unique opportunity to offer your clients an innovative inbound lead generation tool and to get yourself a lifetime commission on each sale, apart from a host of other benefits.

Currently, 602 businesses are members of the program.

What kind of companies can join the CallPage Partner Program?

We cooperate with consulting firms, IT companies, software houses, marketing agencies, individual sellers and entrepreneurs, creative studios that want to bring additional value to their clients.

Partners have access to their personalized dashboards wherein they can generate referral links and share it within their network via any of their preferred channels. Once a client signs up using the partner’s referral link, we take care of the entire sales, onboarding, and support.

We also provide a range of marketing and advertising materials, case studies for partners to display the value of CallPage.

Our partners are also featured at the Partner Marketplace. It allows professionals to promote their products and services to existing CallPage customers or any CallPage website visitors and grow their business.

Gustavo Lucas was the most active member of the CallPage Partner Program. Now, he is the CallPage Country Manager in Brazil and gets impressive results. Meet Gustavo and get to know his Brazilian success story.

Learn, among others, which marketing tools does he use, how long does a sales process take in Brazil, and what is his churn rate.

Paulina: Gustavo, why did you decide to join the CallPage Partner Program?

Gustavo Lucas: I’ve been working with lead generation for the last 10 years, and one of the biggest pain points of the market is that the traditional way of generating leads through forms has a lousy conversion rate due to poor lead response time.

So when I heard about CallPage I decided to bring this value to the Brazilian market – the possibility to talk to your leads in the crucial moment, right when they’re browsing your website via an instant automated callback.

It’s a powerful tool, and I wanted to be a part of this project.

Paulina: Which marketing channels convert best in Brazil? What type of advertisement do you use to generate leads? What marketing channels do you invest in?

Gustavo: Whatsapp is a huge in Brazil and Spanish speaking countries from both South America and Europe. So we use Whatsapp a lot in our marketing activities, and it converts pretty well. Affiliate marketing is also a huge thing.

Facebook Ads bring us a lot of traffic, even more than we’d expected before starting them.

We do outbound calls and emails as well, we publish content on LinkedIn almost every day, we also post videos on YouTube.

I value networking too, so I try to attend fairs and events related to new technology.

Our marketing strategy is a mix of both online and offline activities.

Paulina: You mentioned you attended some fairs/events? Could you name them? When did you attend them?

Gustavo: Apart from a host of local events and conferences, last year, I attended the Silicon Valley Conference Brazil. And we also had our booth at the Retail Tech Conference.

It drives results, helps us bulid CallPage’s brand awareness and do marketing. But it’s also quite expensive, so I don’t go there as often as I’d like to as an exhibitor. Usually, I go as a visitor and network.

Paulina: What is your conversion rate from a lead to a paying customer?

We’ve been building this process for the last 6 months. Right now, the conversion rate is around 5-7%.

Paulina: How long does, more or less, a sales process take in Brazil?

Gustavo: It’s quite long, it takes approximately 60 days to convert a lead to a paying client. We are aware of this challenge and we’re working on improving the process.Paulina: And why is this process that long?

Gustavo: In my opinion, it’s because CallPage is not a well-known brand in Brazil, the market is still warming up to us, and we need to work hard to get recognized. But it’s a process, and you need time to work on it, so we are positive about the results.

Paulina: Do you have a team or you work individually?

Gustavo: I started alone less than 12 months ago, but now I employ two people, so our team consists of three CallPage enthusiasts.

These two coworkers qualify leads for me and support me in running marketing-related activities, but I’m the one responsible for the whole sales process and also for client service and making sure CallPage users stay with us.

Paulina: Does CallPage have direct competitors in Brazil?

Gustavo: Yes, there are two major companies that provide the same service, both bigger than CallPage, so we have a lot to do. One is a Russian company that operates globally, and the second one was established in Brazil.

Paulina: Is customer retention high? Why?

Gustavo: It’s rather high. Last month our churn was 2%, we lost only one client. It was our best month, churn-wise.

The average retention is around 93%so it’s still very satisfying, taking into account the fact that CallPage is a really young company here in Brazil.

Paulina: Where do you see our cooperation in 1 year/5 years/10 years?

: I see our cooperation as a big opportunity. I’d also want to expand to other countries. I envison a very profitable partnership. Our goal is to get 1000 clients here, hopefully in less than 5 years!

Paulina: When will you come to Poland to visit the European headquarters?

Gustavo: It’s a good question, I haven’t received an official invitation yet, but when I get one, I will surely visit Poland. It’s a long journey, and I have never been to Europe before, so that will be exciting.

Paulina: (An obvious question, I  know, but) Would you recommend the CallPage Partner Program?

Gustavo: Yes, yes, of course, it’s a great company, great people, the product is innovative, I believe in this project.


Gustavo is our star performer in Brazil pitching CallPage, and he is really successful. We are looking for another success story like Gustavo’s!

Is it going to be you?

Click this link and join the CallPage Partner Program today and let’s disrupt the telecoms market together!

Paulina Golab
Autor: Paulina Golab

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