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Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

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How To Use Your Own Website and Social Media To Boost Sales

Autor: Berenika Teter | Opuplikowano: 12.12.2018 | Czas czytania: 6m

Many marketing and sales specialists are constantly searching for new ways to reach customers, generate leads and close deals. The funny thing is that they often don’t take full advantage of what’s already in place – their owned channels. A well-designed website and social media profiles can help you increase your sales, and here’s how to make that happen.

5 Hacks for Website and Social Media to Boost Sales

  1. Create relevant and persuasive content across the platforms.
  2. Explore social media advertising.
  3. Improve the user experience.
  4. Engage in conversation with your fans and visitors.
  5. Target both potential and existing customers with personalized messages.

Why is it important to optimize your website and social media profiles?

Let’s start with social media. It’s gaining traction mainly in the first stages of the customer journey, and often becomes the first point of contact with your brand.

Most likely, your customers use it to ask for opinions and look for recommendations – and no wonder, since they perceive the ones coming from their friends and family as trustworthy. They also enjoy sharing what they care about and following the brands they like.

According to Forbes, almost 40% of users are following their favorite brands on social media, and every 1 in 4 users might actually make a purchase.

That’s precisely why many businesses worldwide set up their profiles on social media. If your brand is not one of them, you might be missing out on an effective way to reach thousands of your potential customers.    

Once the potential customers are familiar with your brand, they may want to look you up on the Internet or simply visit your webpage straight away. This is when a well-optimized and intuitive website becomes necessary.

Apparently, regular optimization can result in an increased number of visits and clicks on the site. A proper and responsive web design, on the other hand, is often one of the most factors when determining the credibility of a business.

Having your own, well-designed website and a few social media profiles is one thing, though. How can you use them to boost sales?  

1. Create relevant and persuasive content across the platforms.

Remember that social media is a great tool to increase your brand awareness. Experiment with different channels, content types and format to see what works best for your audience, but don’t forget to encourage them to make a purchase in the end.

Still, you should always aim to provide value to your audience first. If you intrigue and educate them properly, they won’t need a big incentive to buy from you.  

Don’t just focus on one platform, try to develop a multichannel approach instead. Social networks change, and it may turn out that your target group just stops using Facebook all of a sudden. If you own other social media profiles, though, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

The only problem is to manage all these accounts properly, but you can get them organized with a proper tool.

Most of the social media management tools let you draft and schedule your posts, give you an overview of all your content across the social media platforms and sometimes even allow you to analyze how well your posts are performing. If you need some non-standard features, though, give Kontentino a try.

2. Explore social media advertising.

The more brands present on social media, the harder it gets to grab your customers’ attention. Especially if you count only on organic reach. There’s a reason why social media advertising budgets have doubled over the last few years – such ads bring great results and can be fairly inexpensive.

There are many options to promote your brand on social media – boosting specific posts, creating dedicated ads or using some native features of every platform, just to name a few.

You can easily target the right audience with relevant content and increase both reach and engagement. Increased brand awareness, in turn, improves your chances of driving sales from social media.

3. Improve the user experience.

Once you funnel all prospects to your website, it has to be intuitive enough to convert them into customers. If the page loads slowly and is difficult to navigate, there’s a high chance that potential customers will simply leave and won’t come back, at least not anytime soon.

Take care of the usability and design, but also pay attention to the content. For example, you should list the most important and attractive features of your products or services, but be honest and upfront about the prices. If you make the whole buying process easy and transparent, you will not only increase sales but also customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers have a good reason to purchase from you again, thus often become loyal to the brand.

4. Engage in conversation with your fans and visitors.

Providing customer service online is one thing, but sales support is a completely different story. Actually, the quicker you engage with your visitors or social media users, the higher your chances to convert them into paying customers. You already have a great advantage, since your social media followers and website visitors are potentially interested in your products or services. 

That’s why live chats and Facebook Messenger bots aimed to boost social media customer service became extremely popular, as they allow you to automate and customize the messages around the clock.

Nonetheless, automated chat apps should be used with caution. You might be able to start a conversation and respond fast to basic inquiries, but it’s easy to lose the human touch along the way. In order to avoid that, you should also explore different solutions.

CallPage engages your visitors and enables you to call them before they leave the website. There are no bots involved – you have a genuine conversation with a potential customer instead. You can easily gain more sales calls from your visitors, improve your website conversion rate to increase your sales in the process.

5. Target both potential and existing customers with personalized messages.

Once a visitor lands on your page, you should make sure they’re here to stay. Web push notifications are a great way to keep the users engaged while they are browsing your site. They are easy to implement, and they let you adjust the message depending on the users and their activity.

It’s all part of a bigger picture called marketing automation, which helps you gather information about both existing and potential clients, and take specific actions directed at them.

Why is it useful? Personalized communication simply resonates with customers and often makes them feel special. With push notifications, you can target the right audience, build a subscriber database and increase conversion rates much faster.

Plus, if there are any special offers, discounts or pieces of content you want to share, you can easily promote them this way. Using a dedicated tool will help you set it all up – PushPushGo, for example, lets you track your website visitors, create different scenarios and send automatic notifications whenever needed.

Speaking of personalization, you should also consider coming up with customized call to actions on your website. Although there’s nothing wrong with a very general CTA, you can achieve better results if you have a specific audience in mind and personalize it accordingly.

Boosting sales has never been easier.

There is no better way to improve your results than to take advantage of what you already have. You can easily optimize your own website and social media profiles, but your job shouldn’t end here. Thanks to the tools available, you can actually boost sales within the owned channels.

And if you still want more, check out these tips to double your sales.

Berenika Teter
Autor: Berenika Teter

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