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Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

The #1 Callback Automation for your website that helps you connect with buyers faster. Use CallPage and provide immediate free phone callback to your leads in 28 seconds.

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How CallPage Can Convert Your Website Visitors into Happy Customers? Here’s a Step-by-step Guide

Autor: Supratim Dam | Opuplikowano: 19.09.2019 | Czas czytania: 8m

Having analyzed thousands of CallPage widgets created by our customers, we have now arrived at the conclusion that the way a widget is configured has a significant impact on the number of calls or leads it can generate. 

This data and analysis help us identify the key setup factors that have the biggest influence on conversion. We have now organized the configuration of the widget, added a 'step-by-step’ guide, that makes the setup process easy, intuitive and focused on only one goal – to drive more sales calls from your website visitors. 

Starting today, every CallPage user can avail benefits of this setup guide that will walk you through the important settings, tabs and assist you in deploying your CallPage widget.

Ready to learn more? Fasten your seat belts and scroll below.

Why use this step-by-step guide?

  1. It simplifies the process of adding a new widget
  2. Helps configure basic account settings for first-time users
  3. Takes you through the essential tabs related to the widget’s view, personalization, and calls settings – from now on, you can set everything from the beginning!
  4. The guide will remind you about the crucial features in the widget

CallPage is a proven tool to convert your website visitors into customers by offering them an instant callback option. 
After the trial is over, you can continue to use the free BASIC plan as much as you want, and get 15 inbound leads a month for FREE! Get started with our 7-Day FREE trial here.

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  • When you create an account with CallPage and enter the dashboard, a pop-up window appears that invites you to set up the first widget using a step-by-step guide.
  • If you are already using CallPage (e.g. you have configured your first widget) – just click the 'Add widget’ button in the Widgets tab, as before and the step-by-step guide is activated and takes you through the most important sections of the widget. 

PSSST! (Should you choose not to use the guide, you can cancel it and continue setting up the widget as usual).

  • The step-by-step guide gets activated when you enter the web address, where the CallPage widget will be displayed, and its name.

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  • When you’re configuring the widget with the assistance of our guide, it will take you through the individual tabs of the widget as the configuration steps.
  • Once the changes are done, click on 'Save and proceed.’
  • You always have the option of going back or to skip a step if you want to improve or do not wish to configure a specific feature.
  • If you feel stuck or any of the settings and its functions seem unclear, you can always refer to the short tutorials or the documentations placed in the following section –
  • Don’t forget to add consultants in the 'My Team’ tab and assign them to the widget, once it is configured, only then you can reap the benefits of CallPage.

Did you know that you can use CallPage for FREE? By choosing the BASIC plan, you can create a widget and gain 15 leads per month for free.

How should you customize your widget to maximize conversions?

  • Configuration starts from the „Widget’s view” tab – pop up window

Start by adjusting the widget colors according to your branding, add a logo and upload a pop-up window background. Also, it’s nice to personalize the copy in the pop-up window. Match the look and feel of the widget, so it looks like a natural extension of your website.

  • Widget’s view” tab – button

Adjust the position of the CallPage button on your website so that it does not conflict with other elements and is visible for your users.

  • „Widget’s view” tab – tooltip

Tooltip is a small text bubble that appears on top of the CallPage button. Customize the copy for new and returning users.

  • „Widget’s view” tab – settings

You can also personalize the animations of the CallPage widget to give it a distinct flavor. Play around with the options to see what suits you best.

  • “Calls” – general

Make sure the original call settings are optimal for your business. Check the different algorithms for routing calls to consultants and customers. Decide whether you want to record calls and set the Called ID option – select the number that you want to be shown to your prospects when answering a call from CallPage

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  • “Calls” – playbacks

Did you know that you can choose different voice messages that act as playback for both consultants and clients? Select options that are applicable for you or upload your own.

PRO TIP – You can also use this option to inform your leads about any special offers or promotions that are currently running.

  • “Calls” – SMS settings

You can also personalize the text messages sent to your customers after a call is completed and add your company name as the sender.

  • “Calls” – Number configuration

To configure a number, first, make sure that the services are available in the country where you operate. 

  • Engagement – Scoring Rules

Did you know that the CallPage widget does not only show when someone clicks on the button? We have an advanced lead scoring system that allows you to classify web visitors and display the pop-up according to their behavior on your website. 

PRO TIP – You can also display different texts, depending on the scoring rule you set that triggers the widget, thus allowing you to hyper-target your leads and increase your chances of conversion.

LEARN MORE about scoring rules, click here.

  • “Installation”

Install the widget to display it on your website. You can either paste the code in your site or send instructions to your web developer.

  • And now, you’re all set. Make the widget live and watch those incoming calls flow.

Want to see CallPage in action? Book a 20-minute demo with one of our product experts today.

Supratim Dam
Autor: Supratim Dam

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