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Author: Sergey Butko

If you’re serious about startups then you should have heard about the Disrupt, place where you’ll find the renowned Startup Battlefield competition, a virtual Hackathon, hundreds of startups in Startup Alley, Workshops and legendary networking at the after parties.

Tech Crunch Disrupt focuses on revolutionary startups and everything associated with them – from debuting the best startups and introducing game-changing technologies to discussing what is on the mind of key innovators and influencers in the tech industry.

Disrupt is headlined by leaders of the startup and technology space. This year Disrupt SF will hold over 10,000 attendees, speakers, developers, designers, marketers, and investors from all over the world. Some of the featured guests will be Drew Houston, co-founder, and CEO of Dropbox and Sophia Amoruso, founder of Girlboss.  



On September 5-7 CallPage team will join the Disrupt conference at San Francisco, right where startup dreams begin.

CallPage is a startup, based in Poland, which follows the trends of new technologies and innovations.

CallPage managed to gain more than 3000 business customers, among them: Audi, UPC, BMW, within three years being on the market. Our tool helps businesses to generate more sales calls by engaging website visitors and facilitating an immediate conversation.

With CallPage widget on the website, our clients can quickly analyze the calls and get data on website behavior insights.

CallPage customers experience up to 75% increase in conversion rate and inbound calls.

On the other side, CallPage widget allows website visitors easily and quickly order a free callback by entering their phone number in the pop-up. Then the system connects them directly with the consultant. This process takes only 28 seconds.

CallPage is not simply a callback in 28 seconds, it has various additional features including:

  • Widget customization
    Customers can customize look of the widget that perfectly matches website design, can edit text, insert own photos, logos etc.
  • After-working hours mode
    Even during after-working hours the widget will notify potential customer and offer him a free callback when the consultant comes back.
  • Full analytics reports
    Customers can view call history for each advertising channel, view customers’ phone numbers, listen to call recordings and analyze the performance of each traffic source.
  • Scoring system
    23 scoring rules which help to detect and snatch potential customers.
  • Integrations with other tools
    CallPage can be integrated with favorite tools, like Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Slack, Zapier and others.

We are looking forward to sharing our idea with the world in the Disrupt conference.


Let’s meet for a cup of coffee and discuss the further business development opportunities.  


See you there!

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Sergey Butko

Sergey Butko

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at CallPage. Has over five years of experience in marketing. He deals with generating leads and conversion on a daily basis. He has gained experience working in a consulting firm and designing websites after his working hours. He is passionate about conversion rate optimization and lead generation strategies.

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