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Digital Marketing in 2020: Building Trust Among a Time of Data Tracking and A.I.

Autor: Fiona Shen | Opuplikowano: 24.08.2017 | Czas czytania: 6m

Digital marketers face a challenge of balancing hyper-personalized, machine learning automation, and concerns for data privacy and personal connection. Recent studies found that building trust within your online presence is becoming crucial in bridging the gap to in-store human experiences. The following article discusses artificial intelligence and automation in marketing, the critical factor of building trust and transparency, and the role of callback widgets such as CallPage.

Marketing is a tool of communication, and like people’s lifestyles over the decades, it is continuously changing and adapting. Today, in a digital-driven space, we see a shift from TV and billboard adverts to analytical, prolific and personalized online content.

Nonetheless, creative new campaigns remain as eclectic as individual imagination. Automation and AI are tools that did not exist in Marketing a few decades ago, yet today they process so much of lead generation and offer vast opportunities for the future 2020.

Yet, despite the potential brilliance of efficient and highly intelligent programming, within millennials and working citizens alike, there are emerging concerns for the privacy of their information. An analysis of studies suggest that to succeed in the near future, firms need to utilize both data tracking and personalized campaigns, but also build trust and transparency.

Social media and the proliferation of information and public opinion ironically gives rise to both deep insights about potential leads, as well as the spreading of critical opinions of marketing and privacy breaching.

What is AI and Machine Learning in Marketing?

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is programming- where the computer performs a task optimally in response to information input. Machine Learning is a program capable of improving and rewriting itself each time it runs. These tools can perform data-tracking, following potential customers based on their social media presence and behavior online, which is becoming increasingly pervasive as people turn to internet platforms to express any thought.  

In Digital Marketing, this mainly manifests in creating email/content campaigns and finding numerous leads to target. It is possible to write a program that automatically responds to website clickers and form submitters, and show highly specified adverts based on online behavior.

It proliferates the number of leads, no longer requiring manual data entry for each individual. Today, marketing firms rely on IT counterparts, adopting skill sets in programming and data understanding as well as having a grounded humanistic view for communication and sales.

Modern digital marketers such as CallPage focus on strong call-to-actions, compelling content, data-driven testing and campaigning, and landing pages, confirmed most recently by Marketing Critique Shaoolian.

Results of Hyper-Personalization and AI Programming.

Numerous studies suggest that content marketing and big data usage are the most effective techniques. McGuire and Levy at the Gartner Research Institute have published that “by 2018, organizations that have fully invested in all types of personalization will outsell companies that have not, by 20%”.  This is supported by Dave Chaffey from ‘Smarter Insights’, after surveying over 2000 marketers and experimenting crowd-surfing responses (see tabulated results below), and finding that content marketing and big data-sciences will dominate the field.

At CallPage, the benefits of data tracking are also clear, the widget helps over 1,100 companies increase their lead generation by 75%. The program responds to Facebook, other social media and website behavior, collecting “points” depending on which tasks the online user performs and then displaying the callback pop-up when appropriate.

Societal Perceptions of Data-Mining.

recent study by Gartner Research suggests that building trust with consumers is the most essential to bridge the online void, regaining the human touch of in-store purchases. As the future sees more and more algorithmic ways of targeting potential ‘leads’, it is important to treat this vast group as individuals. Present mobile and website users what information you have, and how your services can help.

This is even supported by legal actions in late 2016, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was formed for implementation in May 2018. Key changes are the transparency of data collection, whereby consumers have more knowledge of what they share and how to erase, and also the implementation of protection officers and representatives to enforce GDPR abroad.

In conclusion, it is clear that while usage of AI and Automated learning is crucial for efficient digital marketing, there are strong cautions and protections against unethical data sharing. Building trust through digital marketing becomes the key solution to remain successful in the next era. Being transparent and genuine, and portraying yourself honestly to consumers, will lessen the gap between in-store and online experiences.

CallPage becomes an interesting solution as well, the simple widget will encourage website visitors to receive an immediate callback from the site’s consultant. The personal and human connection will be fostered through conversation, restoring compassion and trust in online markets in a time of proliferating data sharing.

Nonetheless, CallPage strongly believes in unifying data science with sociology and human compassion and has a strong IT front in algorithmic and statistical methods. Survival in the next digital marketing era will be a challenging yet interesting feat, but it is certain that trust and human compassion will prevail. 

Fiona Shen
Autor: Fiona Shen

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