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Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

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CallPage: An Infallible Method To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Autor: Sergey Butko | Opuplikowano: 1.02.2017 | Czas czytania: 6m

The aim of most websites and online stores is to convert, that is – encourage customers to buy, add products to a basket, register for an event, etc.

There are many different conversion events, but they have one thing in common.

We all want them to happen.

And we all want to have as high conversion as possible.

Ultimately, the more conversion, the more money on our company’s account.

4 Hacks to Increase Conversion Rate

  1. Objectively better Call-to-Action than in most contact forms.
  2. Offers more interesting and emotional Call-to-Action than other offers you see in the Internet.
  3. The tool grabs a potential customer’s attention.
  4. Helps with lead management, increases conversion, and drives sales.

If you are not familiar with terms such as conversion, conversion rate, or conversion optimization, read this post.

Those who are well versed in marketing principles know perfectly well that there are many different ways to improve conversion in a website, such as optimization of forms, improvements in calls-to-action, traffic segmentation, or running A/B tests.

CallPage widget is one of the best conversion optimization tools.

You can learn more about the widget here.

I also encourage you to watch a short video about CallPage before reading the rest of this post.

It’s really worth it!

After watching the video you probably ask yourself:

This blog post was created to answer this question!

I am going to describe 4 features in the CallPage widget which can really increase conversion on your website, landing page or online store – even by 125%!

1. Objectively better Call-to-Action than in most contact forms.

If you want to have a high conversion rate you need amazing contact forms.

Everybody knows that.

But how these contact forms we come across actually look like?

We have seen thousands of such forms.

We come across them every day.

That is why forms should be short.

Simple forms actually encourage potential customers to leave their contact details.

Let’s look at some examples.

Below you can see two contact forms.

One was created by CallPage, the second one – by the competition:

And now a question: where will you, as a potential customer, would leave your contact details?

It is not only about the number of fields the customer has to fill (although it is very important, too) but about the contact time.

You don’t need advanced analytics to decide which form is better.

Nobody likes to wait.

This is logical.

Potential customers want to be contacted immediately, right now. And your task is to make it possible.

Of course we don’t have to rely only on common sense.

We have conducted an in-depth research before we have created CallPage.

Our clients confirm the results we got.

The visualization of our study looks as follows:

Conclusion: The shorter contact time, the bigger conversion rate!

2. Offers more interesting and emotional Call-to-Action than other offers you see in the Internet.

With CallPage you can offer an objectively better USP which can increase your conversion rate.

CallPage allows contact with a potential customer within 28 seconds.

Why 28 seconds?

It’s easy – to arouse curiosity!

When a customer sees that you offer him a call back in 28 seconds, he starts to wonder: “Will they really call me back?”, “Will they make it in 28 seconds?”, etc.

Then he starts to wonder why we offer in 28 seconds, and not in 40 or 60.

Finally, he decides to challenge the company and check whether the sales rep really can call him back in 28 seconds.

The counter that appears after he submits his contact details creates an atmosphere of competition.


  • People are more willing to leave their phone number. Things we haven’t seen before arouse our curiosity. It’s in our nature.
  • People are looking forward to talking with your sales rep. They look at CallPage counter and wait for you to call them. No joke.

I encourage you to listen to recordings of calls made via CallPage. Thanks to them you’ll understand where this wow effect comes from. Check how to turn on calls’ recording?

Our customers can adjust the message on the widget to their website to arouse customers’ curiosity even more.

3. The tool grabs a potential customer’s attention

What does it mean?

Well, the user can click on the icon himself, but CallPage popup displays also in other situations.

For example, when the user tries to leave the website, the system displays a popup with a message: “Leaving already? Give us your phone number and we will call you within 28 seconds!”.

We have 23 such algorithms and we are still working on implementing new (read more here).

Some clients claim that popups may be irritating for their website visitors and decide to switch the algorithms off.

Our research, however, suggests that over 55% of phone calls our customers receive via CallPage are generated thanks to popups.

Summing up: CallPage algorithm which helps our widget to grab potential customer’s attention increases conversion on the website.

4. Helps with lead management, increases conversion, and drives sales.

Here I mean so-called Lead Response Time.

Lead Response Time refers to a metric which measures how long it takes to follow up with a lead that has contacted you.

This is logical that the faster we take care of this lead, the bigger the chance that he will become our customer.

It confirmed by a number of studies, such as the one conducted  by Insidesales.com based on 14 061 million companies from the USA.

It shows that companies which manage their leads within the first 5 minutes are 100 times more likely to move their potential customers to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Research shows also that a phone call is the most effective way of managing new leads – much better than an email.

CallPage will make your lead management faster and easier!

To sum up – CallPage increases your conversion rate because:

1) Offers objectively better Call-to-Action than most other contact forms;

2) Offers more interesting and emotional Call-to-Action than other CTAs you see on the Internet.

3) The tool grabs a potential customer’s attention

4) Helps with lead management, increases conversion, and drives sales.

CallPage has also other useful functions, such as ‘after working hours’ mode or calls recordings.

If you want to start using CallPage, you can create an account here and get started for free.

About Author:
Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. Digital Marketer. Speaker, Author, AI passionate. Co-founder at CallPage – Callback Automation and co-founder at Certifier – Online Certificate Creator. Areas of expertise: product design, marketing technology, and B2B sales.

Sergey Butko
Autor: Sergey Butko

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