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Magda Wąsowicz

Magda Wąsowicz
Content Marketing Manager at CallPage. Workaholic. At CallPage, she is responsible for English and Polish blog, content and influencer marketing. Inbound marketing enthusiast.
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How to convince the client to buy? 7 Psychological tricks.

You may assume that your company will not benefit from the incoming calls. In the end of a day, customers usually call when they have some kind of a problem to solve. It seems like there will be no profits from such kind of calls. It's a mistake! In this article, we will show you how to convince the customer to purchase while using proven psychological methods.

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   May 10, 2018
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21 tips that will help you to double your sales

You’re doing your best to sell more, however, it feels like banging your head against a brick wall? Customers are listening to you patiently, but then go to your competitor anyway? You’re struggling to increase your profits, but in the end of the month it turns out again that you barely managed to achieve your goal?

Don’t give up! Fortunately, there are sales techniques that guarantee raise of your profits. We have prepared a list of 21 tips, which will help to accelerate your sales easily. They are useful for both: traders working on the phone, as well as those working in e-commerce or in traditional stores. Looking for the answer? In this article, you'll find all those tips together with some examples.


Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   May 10, 2018
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Have a Unique Voice in the World: Interview with Jeff Sauer

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   January 19, 2017
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Customers Are People, Not Just Data Points: Interview with Jennifer Havice

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   December 29, 2016
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Customer Service is Both Art and Science: Interview with Daniel Lemin

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   December 15, 2016
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Focus Solves Unsolved Problems: Interview with Brian Balfour

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   December 8, 2016
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It's a Golden Age! Interview with Brian Massey

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   November 28, 2016
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Business Is All About Relationships: Interview with John Doherty

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   November 21, 2016
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Interview with Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   November 15, 2016
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