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Jakub Ziecina

Jakub Ziecina
Marketing Manager at CallPage with 5 years of experience in the industry. Specializes in the development of comprehensive strategies and marketing implementations for B2B. He has cooperated with such brands as SsangYong, Isuzu, Ricoh, and Timberland. Jakub is fascinated about the MaTech news with a special emphasis on Marketing Automation and the possibilities it discloses in the marketing strategies.

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How Lead Management will help you to increase sales tenfold?

It’s impossible to deny that there have been huge changes in the process of obtaining and access to the information in the 21st century. The main data carrier has become the Internet, which revolutionized our path to their acquisition. The world has accelerated. According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2018 74% of Poles (28 million people) are using the Internet in Poland. We are bombarded with hundreds of messages and various kind of information every day. Our brains, however, are not adapted to process such large volume of information, so we try to filter messages, news and notifications that reach us, whereas the giants of the digital industry deliberately focus on content personalization. We often forget what we have been doing online two days ago (remember this sentence - it will be crucial in the further part of the article).

Author:  Jakub Ziecina   •   September 11, 2018
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