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Fiona Shen

Fiona Shen

Fiona is a Global Marketing Manager, originally from Australia, who enjoys creative and copy writing, and is formally educated in theoretical physics and probability theory. She is passionate about unifying logical and abstract thinking, and works on data analytics and content creation at CallPage.

Recent posts

Digital Marketing in 2020: Building Trust Among a Time of Data Tracking and A.I.

Digital marketers face a challenge of balancing hyper-personalized, machine learning automation, and concerns for data privacy and personal connection. Recent studies found that building trust within your online presence is becoming crucial in bridging the gap to in-store human experiences. The following article discusses artificial intelligence and automation in marketing, the critical factor of building trust and transparency, and the role of callback widgets such as CallPage.

Fiona Shen
Fiona Shen
August 24, 2017

6 Unusual Ways of Using CallPage. How To Use CallPage For Your Business?

CallPage connects website visitors with website creators.

It facilitates a conversation with others in 28 seconds and brings the website visitor anonymity to your phone call.

Its primary usage is for generating sales leads, and it’s a successful hit.

But our start-up thrives off creativity and innovation, continually mulling over theoretical possibilities of our widget.

Here are six unusual ways to use CallPage:

Fiona Shen
Fiona Shen
August 7, 2017

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