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47 Tools For Digital Marketing in eCommerce

Autor: Sergey Butko | Opuplikowano: 18.01.2018 | Czas czytania: 7m

E-commerce is one of the most critical areas in these days when it comes to digital marketing.

Startups want to grow faster, increase sales figures and become more popular. However, even integrated companies need to evolve to bring customers closer to their new products.

Social media portals like Instagram and Facebook also make it possible for young customers to draw attention to their new products.
But how do you get the best out of this social media sites for your company, or more generally in the field of digital marketing? You don’t need to hire a software development company to start using some useful tools.

B2B Tools by Category

  1. Analytics.
  2. Social Media.
  3. Email marketing / marketing automation.
  4. Customer experience / onboarding.
  5. Lead generation.
  6. Landing pages / website conversion optimization.


Analysis is one of the most important areas when it comes to continually improving and recognizing where weaknesses still exist and what needs to optimize.

These tools will help you to analyze your website and post appropriately.

1.Google Analytics

Helps you to analyze your website, online stores or native apps so they can get all the data they need to further improve your website and make it more successful.

The analyzed data is obtained either as JavaScript code, SDK or Measurement Protocol.

2.Google Tag Manager

Helps you analyze your data and also helps you implement tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords etc. on your site.

All you have to do is integrate the Google Tag Manager code once.

3.Google Data Studio

Gives you the opportunity to better assemble dashboards and get a better overview of the analyzed data.


With Looker you can analyze, collect and explore all your data and make informed decisions.

Also it is user friendly if you do not have a lot of IT knowledge.

5.Post Reach

Is a simplified form of google analytics. It helps you capture the relevant data. You should connect your blog only to post reach and post reach will send you the key metrics.

Analyzes your website without having to use a code. It stores your analysis, funnels, behavioral flow, etc.

You can follow virtually any user interaction of your site visitors or app users.

7.Crazy Egg

Helps you identify which parts of your website or blog are popular by creating heatmaps.

Several other tools are integrated into Crazy Egg, like Heatmap, Scrollmap, Confetti, Overlay.


Helps you analyze and improve your social media posts.


Saves the analyzed data of your website and you can create dashboards to get a general overview of the analysis.


This tool helps you to better analyze and develop your Twitter account. It generates statistics and helps you improve your strategies.

Social Media

Social media apps have become important areas to attract attention, especially to young customers. Therefore, it is especially important to post them properly at the best time and to present the products well. To realize this, best use:


Buffer helps you maintain your social media accounts by creating a so-called queue so that not all posts are posted at the same time. In addition, you will be informed which articles were particularly well received.


Helps you find the perfect photo for Instagram and share it with your community.


With this tool you can search for gifs on the internet and integrate them on your website.


Users can use this tool to connect  and communicate with Twitter followers as well as non-followers. It also helps you plan your social media posts.


Helps you manage your social media channels and schedule mail. In addition, the tool contains a clear dashboard and allows some analysis.


Is a tool that manages your social media channels and helps you grow them.

17.Social Oomph

Is a similar tool like Hootsuite, which helps you to manage social media accounts. However, with this tool, focus is particularly on twitter.


Is a desktop program for Facebook and Twitter and will help you keep track of your posts.


Helps you customize a photo for various social media networks just right.


Helps you cope with today’s growing stream of information and the information that filters out and bundles for your business.


Helps you create short clips from pictures, text and links to share them on social networks.


Allows you to make Twitter requests.

Email marketing / marketing automation

In order to operate e-mail marketing properly you should not spam your customers unnecessarily with too many e-mails, but e-mails at the right time.

You also have to ensure that your own database contains only e-mail addresses from customers who are also interested in being customers and does not contain no fake e-mail addresses.

To test and optimize all this, the right tools for you are:


Helps you create new campaigns and sell more products through those campaigns. In addition, your personal touch will remain in the email.


It is versatile. Above all, it helps you to improve your e-mail marketing and gain greater reach through your campaigns.


Helps you ensure that your emails arrive with your customers without errors. In addition, it provides a report from the smartphone and tablet user.


Is responsible for ensuring that your transactional emails also arrive at your customers in the mailbox. Furthermore, you can display an overview of sent e-mails, openings, clicks and other information.

27.Email Marketing Scorecard

This tool explains everything from how to use e-mail marketing properly how to grow your brand. This tool will provide you with a scorecard and other helpful tips.

28.Headline Analyzer

Helps you to recognize which headlines are expressive enough to make their customers aware of your products. In addition, they will create an overview of which headline best arrived.

29.Email Template Builder

You can create your own mobile friendly templates which you can use again and again.

30.Inbox Tester

Is a new alternative to Gmail with many more features.


Helps you delete invalid and inactive subscribers from your list.

32.Hello Bar

Provides a small bar at the top of your website to help you register new visitors with their email. these will be automatically added to your list


Helps you to make your customers feel like they have a one to one conversation with you.

Customer experience / onboarding

Your happy customers are the most important thing for growing and persisting your business. In order to realize this and to gain new customers, these tools will help you:


Helps you build a better customer experience, and that’s the case in love with your brand. It also helps customers and companies to get closer to each other

Lead generation

Customer acquisition helps you to grow your business.

You need to attract new customers to stay on the website and to perceive your products for the best.

As a result, your sales figures will continue to rise.

These tools can help you attract more new happy customers for your products:


Helps you turn visitors into customers on your website by offering free callbacks to explain all the issues which may arise and bring your products closer.

36.Convert Plug

Helps you  get more subscribers and more visitors to your website.


Helps you to digitalize your lead capture forms and provides you with everything you need to turn it into an app.

38.Lead Genius

Tries to increase your lead with artificial intelligence and human computation.

39.Lead formly

Helps you earn more leads every month by making easier for your users to click through their website. They can also split their leads.


Offers small and mid-sized companies a comprehensive solution for lead generation, social media and search engine optimization


Helps you create landing pages, forms, and e-mail campaigns to generate more leads.

Landing Pages / Website conversion optimization

Your landing page or website is the figurehead of your company.

This will make you public.

Therefore, it is particularly important to make your website or landing pages properly and get the best out of you.

With these tools you will succeed and you will attract many new visitors to your website.


Quickly and easily set up attractive landing pages with the help of drag & drop.


Is a helpful tool if you do not have enough knowledge to create an appealing landing page anyway.


Is a landing page kit in which all tools are aimed to create a landing page.


Is a tool to create landing pages but also supports email marketing.


Offers you a simple way to create an appealing landing page in just a few clicks.


Helps you create landing pages and generate more leads.

What are your favorite tools? Let us know in the comments below.

Sergey Butko
Autor: Sergey Butko

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