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12 Thought Leaders and Sales Influencers to Follow and Meet in 2019

Autor: Margo Ovsiienko | Opuplikowano: 03.12.2018 | Czas czytania: 7m

As a sales leader, you want to stay connected with your colleagues, exchange experiences, learn new strategies and discover case studies in other growing organizations. We have created a list of 12 sales leaders and influencers who are present on LinkedIn & Twitter, and share their hands-on experience with their colleagues.

12 Sales Influencers and Thought Leaders to follow

  1. Mark Roberge
  2. Rita Mokbel
  3. Marcus Cauchi
  4. Hilary Headlee
  5. Kevin Dorsey
  6. Steli Efti
  7. Jaimie Buss
  8. Tony Hughes
  9. Liam Halpin
  10. Tiffani Bova
  11. Lee Bartlett
  12. Jack Kosakowski

1. Mark Roberge
Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, former CRO at HubSpot, and the author of Best Seller – The Sales Acceleration Formula, Board Member, Advisor and Investor. Mark’s career spun around HubSpot for over 9 years where he significantly contributed to the growth of the then young but now leading tech company.

Why should you keep an eye on Mark’s content?

You shouldn’t definitely neglect the experience of a sales leader who grew the company by 6000% and the team from 1 to 450 employees. On his LinkedIn & Twitter, Mark shares actionable and unique content on how to improve sales. Some of the content features his interviews, e.g.Ten Interesting Ideas from a Day Spent with Top Sales Leaders.  

Meet Mark at Vendas B2B Summit, SaaStrAnnual.

2. Rita Mokbel
Head of Global Sales for Ericsson. Rita has been managing and boosting performance of global sales teams. Her main focus lies in FinTech. She is keen on utilizing technology to increase the efficiency of sales teams, which also stems from her previous technical background in engineering.

Why should you keep an eye on Rita’s content?

Rita writes content on how sales departments can harness technology to improve performance. In her LinkedIn article, “How to approach AI for maximum business impact” she describes AI and machine learning in an approachable way.

Meet Rita at Sales Innovation Expo.

3. Marcus Cauchi

Marcus has 30+ years of experience in sales and is a trainer at Sandler Training Program. He’s been helping transform sales reps into A-players for various companies.

Why should you keep an eye on Marcus’s content?

Marcus writes articles to help companies aspiring to achieve better sales results. They vary from recruitment to improving the pipeline.

A must-read would be When is the best time to define who is not your customer?

Meet Marcus at Sales Innovation Summit

4. Hilary Headlee
Head of Sales Operations, Zoom Video Communication. Hilary is a result-driven Sales Operations Leader who has been tailoring strategies and processes for Cartner,, Invoca, Alteryx and Mindbody, before joining Zoom. Hilary is a sales operations leader who improves processes in $100M+ companies with ambitious growth revenue targets.

Why should you keep an eye on Hilary’s content?

Hilary shares inspiring content for sales leaders ranging from podcasts to the best new technology. If you want to know what is going in sales leaders community and get links to good content pieces, Hilary’s LinkedIn is for you.

Meet Hilary at TOPO.

5. Kevin Dorsey
VP of Inside Sales, PatientPop. Apart from overseeing quotas attainment and helping his sales team achieve targets, Kevin attends sales events as a keynote speaker. He also calls himself a voracious learner and there is probably no book on sales that Kevin hasn’t read. He was named one of the Best 100 sales coaches by Ambition.  

Why should you keep an eye on Kevin’s content?

Kevin shares his hands-on experience on hiring and managing sales team, strategies, tips and tricks on improving sales and hitting quotas. Wit, humor and honesty speak through each post on LinkedIn.

Meet Kevin at Rainmaker 2019.

6. Steli Efti

Steli is one of the most prominent sales hustlers. It’s hard not to notice Steli in conferences where he is a frequent speaker. He advises startups and entrepreneurs on sales processes and growth. He is a an alumni of seed accelerator YCombinator (2011) and a founder of, an inside sales CRM.

Why should you keep an eye on Steli’s content?

Steli is result-oriented in terms of sales, but approaches serious topics with a great deal of humor, hitting the right balance between two. His advice and recommendations stick in your memory as Steli provides a lot of examples. He is an author of “Product Demos that Sell: How to Deliver Winning SaaS Demos” and “The Ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales” 

Meet Steli at SaaStock 2019.    

7. Jaimie Buss

VP of Sales, North America, Zendesk.

Jaimie is the VP of Sales at Zendesk where she leads a 110+ team. Jaimie has broad expertise in SaaS, networking, channel and direct sales, prospecting. Jamie is a true PRO in forecasting sales and has her own approach. Read more about her on Predictable Revenue.

Why should you keep an eye on Jamie’s content?

Jamie regularly shares fresh articles on sales related topics. She engages in topics as sales strategies and hiring. As she is a vivid supporter of women in sales, you’ll see lots of developments and news in the female parts of sales leadership. 

Meet Jaimie at Unleash.

8. Tony Hughes

With over 30 years of experience in sales and managing positions, Tony is one of the most prominent thought leaders in sales. He has helped companies earn contracts amounting to $100 million and that number is growing.

Why should you keep an eye on Tony’s content?

Tony is both a sales thought leader and influencer – he was twice awarded as a sales blogger #1 globally. LinkedIn ranks him as Sales Thought Leader #3. On his LinkedIn and Twitter you will read thoughts on how technology can help your team improve performance.

The must read on Tony’s Linkedin:

Why you Need Bots to Survive in Modern Sales

Redesigning a Broken Industry

9. Liam Halpin

Liam is currently Head of LinkedIn Sales Solutions. Before leading international sales teams in his current position, he took leading roles in various tech organizations – Dell, PFH, Fujitsu and Panasonic. At sales conferences, Liam draws a lot of attention to sharing new strategies and techniques for scaling relationships and closing deals faster with the use of new technology and social selling.

Why should you keep an eye on Liam’s content?

On Liam’s profile, you will find articles and recommendations on social selling. He has written a stand-out article on the differences between old sales and selling in 2018. – Are today’s salespeople just not as good as we used to be?

10. Tiffani Bova

Tiffani holds diverse experience in sales. Before becoming a keynote speaker and growth advisor to companies, she took managing positions in various companies – Gartner, Gateway, Interland, Affinity, Vanstar. She is a vivid promoter of customer-centric approach. At conferences, she frequently stresses the impact of customer success and growth for sales leaders.

Why should you keep an eye on Tiffani’s content?

Tiffani enriches her social media with fresh content on sales, marketing and customer success. She is number-driven – you can’t ignore the newest statistics on sales  that Tiffani posts on her Twitter. Listen to the What’s Next Podcast (on the list of 100 most listened Business and Management podcasts on iTunes) and read Tiffani’s latest book GrowthIQ.

Meet Tiffani at The Sales 3.0 Conference.

11. Lee Bartlett

Lee has an extensive sales background taking leading positions in multiple level-1 companies, such as Thomson Reuters and Merill Corporation. He specializes in the financial sector and closing high-value deals with c-suite. He has also built many successful international teams. He was a co-founder and CEO of a tech start-up. Currently, Lee is shares his experience as a sales leader at various international conferences and in his book “The No 1 Bestseller”.

Why should you keep an eye on Lee’s content?

Lee’s Twitter account is worth recommending – it’s an enormous source of information for sales leaders and sales enablement. If you are looking for inspiration from top-notch sales professionals, on Lee’s Twitter you will find a selection of best books, podcasts and links to webinars.

12. Jack Kossakowski

Jack Kossakowski is a world-known sales leader who has applied social selling way earlier than others started using it in sales. He teaches all over the globe on integrating social selling techniques into a wider sales process. 

Why should you keep an eye on Jack’s content?

Having appeared in the marketing industry after building a career in sales, Jack shares his thoughts on what sales departments can teach marketing and vice versa. He also discusses building sale prospects lists by using Linkedin.

Among the must-reads on Jack’s LinkedIn are these articles:

How To Build A Personal Brand On LinkedIn That Drives Sales Conversations

The One Common Denominator That Streamlines Success

Margo Ovsiienko
Autor: Margo Ovsiienko

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